Sunday, November 8, 2009

We went to a relly fun halloween party, Quinn is Indiana Jones and I'm a cat, we tried to find some matching costumes but its hard when your pregnant, nothing fits and I am not crafty enough to make anything. hahaThis is Cameron, Mike and Quinn doing there Captain Morgan pose. They think there so cool... haha
Tiff was a very sexy vampire... Dallons costume was the best though! Good ol Officer Dangel from Reno 911. I could not stop laughing when we saw him! Good job on costumes guys!

I'm finally getting some pics off me and the baby, this was my 20 week ultra sound, you can see her head on the left and her leg on the right, her knee is almost touching her fore head. Isn't she beautiful!! I can't wait to meet her. Then there's big ol me this pic was taken at about week 27. I'm so huge! I don't mind though, I'm just glad that everything is going so well and that she is healthy. And what other time in your life is getting fat so fun and exiting. haha