Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kendyl's first experience in the bumbo... haha she couldn't stop scratching it she loves txtures latley she has to touch and scratch everything. Oh my goodness look at those cheeks!! I love them!
LaraLee and I bleesed our babies together, we just did a small family get together, it was so nice... Quinn and Isaac did such an awesome job with the blessings, they were truly inspired by the spirit.
Quinn and I with my mom and dad.

Grandma and Grandpa Blake.
Quinn's parents
My sis Rachelle
Grandma Leaviit and Grandma Ence
I love this picture, Kendyl loves to study people she is always so wide eyed.
Kendyl with Grandme James
I think that Kendyl discovered her tongue... haha
Isn't she precious, I loved her dress I got to design it myself, special thanks to Kelli's grandma Margaret who made the dress you are amazing!
This is my sister Leslye with her little boy Byron. Isn't he cute! She is expecting her third baby in august, and itas a girl!!! My other sis LaraLee also had a little girl just 3 weeks before me we are so exited to have all new little baby girls.
Kendyl with my neice Mckaye.
Grandma James with Kendyl, Ican't believe how small Kendyl is she has grown so much!
This is my neice Avery isn't she darling. Kendyl loves her!