Sunday, November 6, 2011

These are my darling nieces and nephews. Jameson, Byron, Brayson, Brinlee, and Mckaye

This is Janelle's little baby Jonah. He is such a chunk! He is so cute and such a happy baby!

Jonah is obsessed with pulling my hair, haha I love this picture Quinn caught it at the perfect moment.Kendyl was the cutest Minnie Mouse she loved her costume. She was so cute, I couldn't believe how well she understood Halloween. She said Trick or Treat at the door and was grabbing the candy and when we would walk away she would say" thank you see ya later" haha she is so cute we just can't get enough of this girl!!

This is my niece Jovie isn't she the cutest little cupcake!!
My niece Avery. Love thazt face Ave's!