Friday, December 2, 2011

Kendyl giving grandpa kisses :)
Jonah being the happiest baby ever like usual
Brit you are a stud!!

I just want to thank my mom we usually go with the my Mom's side of the family for thanksgiving but since just my family now consists of 29 people soon to be 30 when my sis LaraLee has her baby we decided to do our own thing this year and my Mom did it all we all went over and helped but she did most of the work. I wish I would have taken a picture of the food it was amazing! Thanks mom I love you! Your the best!!
My mom decorated everything so darling...
She made these little acorns out of Hershey kisses mini nilla wafers and pretzels they turned out so cute and everybody loved them especially the kids

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We took my family up to Quinn's parents cabin. We had such a blast. Lots of 4 wheeler rides and going down to the lake it was so fun with all the kids. We were making breakfast one morning and Kendyl climbed up on the counter and her and Jonah were laughing at each other and being so darling I wish I would have got some video but here's a few shots of these little cuties.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

These are my darling nieces and nephews. Jameson, Byron, Brayson, Brinlee, and Mckaye

This is Janelle's little baby Jonah. He is such a chunk! He is so cute and such a happy baby!

Jonah is obsessed with pulling my hair, haha I love this picture Quinn caught it at the perfect moment.Kendyl was the cutest Minnie Mouse she loved her costume. She was so cute, I couldn't believe how well she understood Halloween. She said Trick or Treat at the door and was grabbing the candy and when we would walk away she would say" thank you see ya later" haha she is so cute we just can't get enough of this girl!!

This is my niece Jovie isn't she the cutest little cupcake!!
My niece Avery. Love thazt face Ave's!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

seriously! haha I guess disney controls the clouds to... haha doesn't that look like a pirate shipThese pumpkins are incredible, this guy was just sitting in disneyland carving these. wow he is incredible!
Kendyl with her new best friends Zowie and Maddy

This guy has the right idea haha sleeping up high so none of the kids can bother you... haha

I'm trying to get kendyl to kiss the pumpkin lady but she was a little nervous about the pumpkin people. haha

Don't even ask I don't get it either... All 5 fingers really...
Here's Kendyl on the Zephyr ride with the Dotson's... They are the cutest family, Kendyl just loved there little girls and we were so happy that they came. The Dotson's are Disneyland fanatics so it was so great having them there they new where all the perfect rides 4 Kendyl were, it saved us tons of time. Thanks Dotson's!! So I have to tell you the cutest thing I took Kendyl on the Zephyr first just me and her and as we were waiting to get on she grabbed my cheeks and made me look at her and said " Don't worry mama don't worry" it was the cutest thing like she was going to protect me... haha

cried every time we got off the carousel.

Here's me and Amy with the kids waiting to get on the Toy Story ride

This is kendyl's 2nd time seeing Mickey the first time was hilarious she was like star struck we couldn't get her to look away from him haha you will see those picks down a bit further

So what's the deal with the disney bear? who is he? haha well he sure is cute so we had to get our pick with him...haha
Kendyl with Zowie and Maddy again it was so cute they held hands everywhere we went. Kendyl loved it

I love this face haha!

Kendyl and Daddy having a tea party... :)
This is minnies bed kendyl was pretend sleeping on it, it was so cute I tried to get a pic of her with her eyes closed but I missed it
It was so cute when kendyl first saw minnie we were walking around to get in the line and kendyl started waving both her arms and screaming "Minnie Hi Minnie Hi" she loves minnie...
here's the first time she saw mickey this is when she was star struck haha

she ran right up to goofy and gave him a hug