Thursday, July 26, 2012

 So this was my first girls camp. I had such a great time the girls in my ward are so much fun. This is them writing all over my car for the trip up. Then theirs the stuffed animals I love that the girls brought them the monkey is Alfonzo and Captain America known to use as Captain Bret.
 From left to right- Nikki, Me Hanna, Cassie, Malynn, Britton, Tami, and on the bottom Boston and Brinlee
 Are theme was S.T.A.R.S. Stand Tall And Remain Strong Even In The Darkness. So we all got to pick constellations we were Pavos which means peacock. This is the cute sign that Nikki and I made for our pod.

 Oh the pods well that was a different imagine sleeping inside a tin can but much much colder haha it was uncomfortable but we seriously had so much fun the first night the leaders were up until 3:00 am and the girls were mad at us the next morning for being to loud haha
 Heres the girls making our flag which might I say was the cutest one. These girls are so creative.
 Oh are skit so cute the girls made up the cutest song about modesty to the Katy Perry song California Girls.
 This is Hanna and Brinlee rapping about scriptures so cute! These girls are seriously so talented!

 Tami put together a really fun fear factor game it was so funny watching the girls do the challenges!

 Seeing how many mustard covered mallows you can fit in your mouth.

 Eating Bananas through a nylon.

 Yea those are pigs feet...ewwww....
 I love Hanna's contraption to keep from smelling the pigs feet haha

 How would you like to dig through that...

 I learned all about owling while at girls camp...


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